The only true handmade metal guitar

About Maelstrom Guitars

Maelstrom Guitars is a Dutch company handcrafting electric Metal Guitars since 2005. A vision was sparked to create high end guitars solemnly for the heavy metal. Each guitar is made by hand by traditional methods. Therefore none are identical to each other. The result is a true handmade metal guitar.

Maelstrom is derived from the Dutch spelling for the modern word Maalstroom. It is a combination from ‘malen’ (to grind) and ‘stroom’ (stream), to form the meaning grinding current or literally "mill-stream", in the sense of milling (grinding) grain (Wikipedia). It’s used for a natural phenomenon which has tremendous amounts of energy. This is the perfect metaphor for the sound it produces. Rich lows, warm mids and clear highs are some basic characteristics which result in high energy tones through your gain channel.

This is the evolution of electric guitar construction solemnly for the metal guitarist. This means that for example soloing is made easier through modern ergonomics. The use traditional wood choices are proven to ensure the sustain and playability.

Inspired by great metal music, built for the metal music artists.

Recent news

Maelstrom Vendetta – New Model coming soon

There will be a new Maelstrom Guitars model soon. Based on the known V-models, I present you a new evolved model. The Maelstrom Vendetta. Check out the first pictures of this model below … More...

Maelstrom Guitars ft. The Scalding

The Scalding is an extreme metal band. Check them out at Live on stage is the Aether III model, played by Cliff Demandt. … More...

Maelstrom Guitars advertisement

Proudly presenting the advertisement in the Texas&Tweed catalog 2014-2016. … More...

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It’s a huge honor to own one of these one of a kind guitars. Unique body shape, perfect playability and professional quality parts, assembled by a professionally skilled artist. I would definitely recommend a Maelstrom Guitar to any serious guitar player.
Cliff DemandtThe Scalding