Maelstrom Vendetta – New Model coming soon

There will be a new Maelstrom Guitars model soon. Based on the known V-models, I present you a new evolved model. The Maelstrom Vendetta. Check out the first pictures of this model below

Maelstrom Guitars ft. The Scalding

The Scalding is an extreme metal band. Check them out at Live on stage is the Aether III model, played by Cliff Demandt.

Maelstrom Guitars advertisement

Proudly presenting the advertisement in the Texas&Tweed catalog 2014-2016.

The Headstock

The Aether models all have the distinct aggressive look due to its pointy headstock. Somewhat inspired by the Grim’s walking stick (upside down blade). Aether II and III models have a flamed maple headstock option.

Ready for paint

After extensive sanding the last quality control check is taken place. After this, the guitar is approved to go to the spray booth.  

Producing the fretboard

The fretboard. One of the most important components on your guitar. Here as shown, the frets are pressed into the fretslots by hand. Only a perfect ‘fretjob’ will allow you to play like you have never played before.

Milling body

Milling a body is done by hand as shown. Don’t kid yourselfs, this is a dangerously violent piece of machinery.